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Toy Holds

This process allows members or staff to place a hold on a toy. Can’t place a toy on hold if it is a Hire Toy or a Duty Toy.


So, if the toy has the setting Reservation Toy = Yes, then the Hold button in member login will not be visible, see below screen shot.

To activate holds Go To Home - Settings by changing the below settings. If the value is Yes, please use capital Y then lowercase e and s.

Settings – Home > Settings

To activate holds for Click and Collect, set the following 2 settings

Toy_holds = Yes switch on toy holds function

Mem_toy_holds_off = No to activate members

  • Toy_hold_fee = fee for toy hold
  • Toy_hold_period = number of days the toy will remain in toy hold wait area
  • unpaid_holds_in_loans = Toy Holds are listed in Loans page if they haven't been paid for.

Holds Page Status Types

  • PENDING = Hold not yet paid for
  • ACTIVE = Hold paid but not yet ready for collection
  • READY = Hold ready for collection
  • LOANED = Hold process complete
  • EXPIRED = Toy has not been collected within Toy_hold_period

Email Templates – Home > Templates

  • hold_return – manual email (press button) sent when admin wants to notify the current loan member that a hold has been placed
  • hold_ready – manual email (press button) sent when admin wants to email hold member that their toy is ready for collection and how long it will be available for

Holds Process - Version 1

Holds Process Version 2

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