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Roster Preferences

Go to Members - Select Boxes - Roster Preferences

Select New

Roster Period - The session start and finish time of the volunteer time slot, it will appear in the member login and the admin login, example below. e.g. 9:15-11.15am

Roster Group - Usually set at Roster, if your Library has a Roster Coordinator then select Roster Coord here. Other options are Student or Emergency. e.g. If you need 1 Roster Coord and 2 members to volunteer for each session then need to setup 2 new Roster Preferences, see below example for 2 rows for a single Saturday session.

Weekday = Day of the week, e.g. Saturday

No Volunteers - the number of slots for each Library session for each Roster Type

No Hours - set to 1 hour (makes it easy to calculate the number sessions a member is required to completed for the membership period. e.g. 1 hr = 1 session, 4 sessions per year). If you have sessions with different weighting, e.g. a Saturday session is worth 2 Thursdays then alter this value, to calculate required hours per membership period.

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