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Roster Coordinators

Coordinator Roster slots in the member login can be restricted to those members that have been identified as being Roster Coordinators.


member_alerts = Yes

Member Alerts

Add an event that allows members to access the roster coordinator slots in the roster (green button in forth column)

Members - select Boxes - Event Types

add an event type = Roster Coord

make sure it is the exact spelling, with description. see below image

the list should include the new Event Type

Now that the Event Type has been create, go to the member that can be a Roster Coordinator and add the roster event to their details. To do this, click New Event

a form will become visible, select the type of event = Roster Coord

press save to save the event and close the event input box. Below is the events list, if it has been saved correctly

Member Login

The member Roster page when logged in as a regular member

The member Roster page when logged in as a Roster Coordinator

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