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Reservations - Party Packs and Jumping Castles

Reservations are primarily setup to manage the Party Packs or Jumping Castle Hire. Any toy that needs to be borrowed out for a particular date range, e.g. a birthday party or open day, Reservations are a great way to “lock in” those toys. For all other popular toys I would suggest the “Hold” feature that provides a waiting list type of process of first in first served.


reservations = Yes

reserve_period = 8 (set to 8 or 15 so the toy is loaned and due on the same weekday)

reserve_fee = 5 (a fee for members reserving a toy)

mem_reserves = Yes (allows members to reserve itmes in member login)

online_hire = Yes (Allow Party Packs to be hired by non members)

1. Create a toy category with category code JC (don't use another code as there is code in mibase that references the category JC), and description “Party Packs” or “Jumping Castles”. to do this go to (blue buttons 3rd Column)

Toys - Select Boxes - Toy Categories

then add the category as below

2. Create a Loan Type, so mibase knows it is in the Party Pack group, go to (blue buttons 3rd Column)

Toys - Select Boxes - Loan Types

Add a new Loan Type called JC and a description Jumping Castle or Party Pack.

3. Now that your loan types and categories are setup, you can add a new toy to reservations list, go to

Toys - New Toy

select Add a New Toy then select “edit Toy” from the popup box

Add a toy description and an optional alert

Allocate to the Loan Type JC

then set the toy as a reservation toy

The Reservation List in Admin should have the new toy in its list (purple Reservations button on menu bar)

Terms and Conditions

So that Members agree to your terms and conditions and read your safety instructions and documentation, add the following to the website section of mibase, go to

Home - Website

scroll down to the “Bouncy Castle Terms and Conditions” and provide a one line description and link to your uploaded PDF of your Jumping Castle Terms and conditions. Please got to here for instructions on how to upload files to the mibase server.

scroll down even further to add detail to the “Jumping Castle comments for popup” that appears when a member successfully reserves the Jumping Castle in the member login.

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