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Returning, Quarantining and Checking toys

To activate this function go to Settings - quarantine = Yes (with a capital Y)

To sanitize toys after being borrowed by potentially infected members, requires a 4 step process

1. Return ALL Toys

Member visits the library to return all the toys on loan. In both Version 1 and Version 2, click return all. You don't need to check each toy, or count toys the system will duplicate all the toys that have been returned in a separate to be cleaned list.

So ALL you need to know is that the member visited the Toy Library and bought back a pack of toys that they borrowed. Checking will come later when the toys have been in quarantine for 7 days (this 7 days can be set as required).

2. Leave toys in Quarantine for 7 days

(setting value = q_days = number of days in quarantine)

3. Check Toys (in Loans - one at a time)

Collect the pack of toys from the Quarantine room/area,

  • Go to New Loans

  • Click Reset, so there is no member loaded, and the page is blank.

  • Type or scan the first Toy number (B155) to be checked. - the member who returned that toy on loan will be automatically loaded.

  • Click on the first toy - the toy details will load on the RHS of the page check all the pieces are there, if they are not there, then record a missing piece

to record the missing piece click on New Part.

  • Click the Yellow Checked button and the locked record will be deleted. If there is NO checked button the toy is still within the 7 days of being returned, so it cannot be processed (M29).

  • If there is a missing toy in the pack of toys, then DON'T press the yellow checked button, leave the record there for followup.

4. Return Toys to the Toy Library Collection

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