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Processing Holds

Go to Members and filter Appointments Today, or if you want to package all your holds then select filter = Toys with Holds

Print picking report and collect the toys (a double star means the toy has a found piece).

To print report, click on the grey Print button on the RHS top of the page (next to email button)

Select all - select Member Holds report - Open Report

Printed report looks like below..

NOTE: If the Hold report, or picking report or any other report for the members page are not in the report select box, go to

Home - Reports - Add Report to Reports List

In MiBase members page

for each member with holds (and or appointments) click on the row, this will show the member pane.

for each of the toys on hold for the selected member (Donald Duck),

click on the word PENDING and it will toggle to READY

After the members have collected the toys, click on the member row, this will show the member pane, click Loan Toys to navigate to Loans page with preloaded member details.

click on Loan All Holds

you can Loan a toy from the holds list one at a time, to do this click on row in toy holds, this will load the toy on the right hand side of the page and press Loan Toy

NOTE: to delete a hold, click on the row in the holds table, and press the Red delete hold button (Toy Details)

Click Members from the main menu to return to the members with holds list, then repeat above process for the next member. (the processed member - Donald Duck will not be on this list).

When the toys are returned go to Return Toy Instructions fro quarantined Toys

It is in this page that you can delete a hold if the toy cannot be found, and loan any substituted toys.

If the Toy bundle is not collected by the member then return the toys to the library and return all in mibase.

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