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Paypal Payments Page

The PayPal payments page can be accessed via the below url, it is in the public domain so it doesn't require a login to access.


For this to work for your library will need:

  1. A Paypal account
  2. Account needs to be upgraded to a business Paypal account
  3. The email address in settings needs to be the same as the email address for the PayPal account (email me if this is an issue, I could probably change this)

For Example Maroondah Toy Library would have a url

There are default values in the URL that define the amount, type of payment, and member id

  1. m = Type of payment = NEW
  2. a = amount to pay = $10
  3. id = member number = 758

You can include default values for the payment in this url in any of the templates that has a [renewal_fee] and/or [borid] bookmark.

For example if you were to include a link to the payment page in the due_to_expire automatic email, it would be[renewal_fee]&&id=[borid]

These defaults can be changed or added to by the member, via the form under the paypal button. To add detail, the use r can select the payment category or edit the reference detail.

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