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Creating a one-off roster for a fundraising Event or Stock take

1. Make sure you have all the Time slots in the roster preferences. To update the preferences go to

Members - select boxes - Roster Preferences (third column - green button)

2. Click the “New” button in Roster preferences

and fill in the form, with roster type EXTRA and press Save New Preference at the bottom of the page.

When you are ready to generate the roster, this time slot (9.15am-09.30am) will be added to the session times.

Repeat this step for every time slot on the one-off roster (for example, 9.15-9.30, 9.30-9.45 etc). Make sure the number of volunteers and the number of hours remain at zero, otherwise it will cause issues with Toy Library roster.

3. Generate the roster

go to Members - Duty Roster - New Roster

fill in the form as below including the weekday and date of event, the roster type remains at Roster, highlighted fields are important.The number to generate is the number of volunteers you will need for this time slot/session, in this case 3 helpers!

If you are sure that all is correct press Generate you will know it has generated the roster slots by the red message at the top of the page - sorry, this page is due for a re-write.

4. Navigate Back to Roster and check the roster, should like the image below (color will change depending on the weekday)

5. In the roster listing page to add a member to the roster, click the green Allocate button and a select box will appear to add the member. Or members can self-allocate in the roster duty page of the member login. For a more detailed instruction on how to allocate a member, go to rosters - generating a roster page.

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