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Mobile Phone Self Checkout - Member Instructions

Login to mibase as a member and go to Member Cards - Take a note of your PIN and your member number

Scan the QR Code at the Library

For instructions on how to Scan a QR Code on a Samsung click here

Loading your member details

1. enter your member number in the Member# input box

2. A popup will appear asking for your 4 digit PIN

Loaning a Toy

3. To Loan a toy enter the Toy number in the Toy Number Input Box and press enter (or Go)

4. OR query a toy, start typing the name of the toy or the toy number in the Find Toy box and click on the toy row, then press the yellow Loan Toy Button

Selecting a Toy from Toys on loan list

Click on the row of the toy you would like to load e.g. A-0160 Ladybird Scuttle Bug Ride On The details of the toy will appear underneath the Toy Number and Find Toy

Returning Toys

Select a Toy from the list of toys on loan

the toy details will be displayed including a Green Return Toy Button

OR Expand the toy loan details of the toy by clicking the green circle with a plus on it, and click the green return button. The green button will change to a red button.

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