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Mobile Phone Self Checkout - Admin Setup


quarantine = Yes (this puts toys into the Check Toys page, to be checked by volunteers, set to No if you are happy for members to put the toys back on the shelf)

q_days = 0

mem_menu_cards = Yes if this setting is not in settings then it will always be displayed

Check Key for QR Code

Go to Members - Select Boxes - Users

Check to see if you have a login called member - this is where you can update the QR Code Key, if key security has been compromised. Its a good idea to change this about once a year.

Home - Reports

Yellow button on RHS of page - Add Report to Reports List

select Daily - QR_code (for multi branch sites, select QR_code_multi for Libraries with multiple branches)

Back to Reports and Print the QR_code Report

Laminate and display near the checkout desks.

You are now ready to go!

To learn how to use the mobile self-checkout - go to Mobile Phone Self Checkout - Member Instructions

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