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Bulk Emailing Members with Missing Pieces Version 2

Setup - make sure the template is setup correctly, as well as the other bookmarks used in bulk emails, there is [missing] that lists the missing pieces, lost today. This [missing] bookmark is the same for all missing parts and today's missing parts, its the Filter selection that determines the list of pieces to be shown. You can alter the missing pieces date to show “yesterdays” missing pieces, by select a different date from the missing pieces calendar.

Select Members from the main menu select the grey Email button on the RHS of the page to display the email function box

Select the “Missing Parts Today” filter, once this is select a list of members will be displayed with the members that have lost pieces today.

Select the Missing Parts Today Email Template

Select yellow select all button to “tick” all the members Select Blue Send Email (this won't send the email, but it will provide a preview via a popup box) check the email and then press the blue Send Email at the bottom of this page

There is also a function to send to members with all their missing parts, but you need to select “All Missing Parts” in the filter box AND the Missing parts today Template

Missing Parts Today Filter, email looks like this

All Missing Parts Missing, email looks like this


It is always a good idea to send the email to yourself, or create a Library Membership (AAA Toy Library with Toy Library email address) to test the process before sending a bulk email. If sending a missing pieces email then create a test missing piece on your membership account or the toy library membership account.

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