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Mibase Sign-up form - JOIN NOW

Mibase has a built in Sign up process, to activate login as admin user and go to

Home - Global Settings

and set the online_rego = Yes (uppercase Y and es). If successful it will add a menu Item to the Home page

Setting up Membership Terms and Conditions, Helmet Waiver, code of conduct and Child Safety Policy

To Update or add to the Membership Conditions, Helmet Waiver, code of conduct and Safety Policy login as admin user and go to

Home - Website

scroll down to appropriate sections and cut and paste your Library rules etc. For a completed Helmet waiver contact TLA and they will have a copy in the members section. Or go to another TLA online Toy Library and cut and paste!

Adding your Rules and Policies to signup form.

Not all Toy Libraries use all the rules, so that a new member automatically agrees to all your policies on signup, activate the following text so that by pressing the “Join Now” button the new member agrees to your membership terms and conditions and any other policies you have activated. You will need to switch on/off the following.

online_conduct = Yes

online_helmet_waiver = Yes

By default you will always have the member agree to the standard terms and conditions (update in Home - Website), the link will direct you to the terms and Conditions page.


Other Global settings that add to your signup form

These settings switch on/off sections of the form. Some Libraries only want the basic information, others collect as much detail as possible.

online_roster_pref - roster preferences

online_wwc - working with children card number

online_id - License number or medicare number for identification

online_second_contact - second contact (husband or partner)

online_children - max 3 children can be added

online_help - how members can volunteer

online_address - members physical address

online_findus - how did you find us

online_membertype - membership category

exclude_mem_lote - set to No if you want to include Language other than English option

online_skills - Member skills

mem_payments - Adds Paypal button, once form has been submitted

IMPORTANT - Adding Member Categories to Select Box

The membership category comes from the member categories table in mibase, you will need to update this table so that all the membership types that you want to include in this form are flagged. Go to…

Home - Select Boxes - Member Categories

All the categories with red writing “online” next to it will be included in the list in the online signup form

To add a member category to the list, edit the Category and set the “Exclude from New Member Online Form:” to No AND Current = Yes

To add payment details, go to Home - Website - Payment Information: joining and it looks like this…

To Add your paypal button Settings - mem_payments = Yes, and it looks like this

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