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Holds Process Version 2

Most of the time members will choose their own holds. However, if required you can hold toy(s) in the new loans page.

NOTE: IF you are still using version 1 loans, then open this New Loans page in a new TAB, and use it for Holds only, it won't affect the usage of the Old Loans page.

Go To New Loans (blue button in main menu)

Load a member by entering the member number or find member input box Load a toy by entering the toy number or Find toy input box

Click on the pink Hold button

This will create a new hold record, and the Pink Hold button will change to a red delete button. To delete this hold, press the red delete hold button. This Delete hold button is only visible if the member who has the hold is loaded on the page.

The status and the paid columns have a “quick edit”, click on the words ACTIVE or No and an edit box will appear.

If another member (that does not have the hold on this toy - CO108008) is loaded then there will be a link to the member that has the hold e.g. Donald Duck.

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