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Gift Cards


Online_gift = Yes

mem_payments = Yes (if using paypal as a payment option)

Setup Gift Cards

Go to Members - Select Boxes - Gift Cards

Add new, enter details in all 3 boxes, example below

Application Process

Below is the process for a member applying for a Gift Card.

go to substitute 'demo' for your toy library code

Step 1

Applicant enters name, mobile, email and Type of Gift card. Press 'Next“ button, this triggers an email that is sent to the member confirming receipt of the application

Step 2

checks to see if all the info is correct and presses “Buy Now” to be re-directed to paypal for payment by paypal or credit card.


Below are the templates that need updating before you go live with gift cards.


[p_name] - applicants first name

[libraryname] - Name of your Library

[id] - reference number


This description appears after the applicant submits the gift card form (step 2 of gift card process)

[card_description] - long description of the gift card with price (in red)

[card_image] - Image of the Gift card. Please email images to [email protected] to upload.


Purchaser receives this email when the Library has received payment and has approved the Gift Card.

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