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Checking Toys

To activate Toy Checking, in settings

Quarantine = Yes

q_days = 7

Note: Set q_days = 0 if toy quarantine is not required

Checking Toys unlocks the toys after being in Quarantine OR the toys have been returned to the Library, returned on mibase but not checked.

The Checking Toy process is typically be used to check toys after a Self-serve session. Members return toys via a self-serve session, set the toys aside to be checked, then Volunteers go through the pile of returned toys and “check” them for missing parts and cleaning.

Clicking on the toy row displays the Toy detail pane

4 ways to unlock a toy

1. Scan the toy barcode or type the toy number in the Toy Number box and press enter

2. select the toy by clicking on the row and press “Checked

3. press the checked button in the toy row

4. When processing the toy in LOANS, click Checked in the toy detail section or Checked in the “Toys to be Processed” List

Check Toys - adding a missing piece

Before you click the yellow “Checked” button add a missing part follows these steps

1. Click on the row of the toy with the missing piece so the toy picture appears at the top of the page

2. then click the “New Part” button.

3. if the allocated member is blank, then close popup and click on row again, and press “New Part”, or just select the member from the select box.

4. Once the missing part has been added, click “Checked” to checkout the toy.

Bulk Update of Checked Toys

The search box on the RHS of the page can be used to filter the checked toys list, for example typing BB in this box will filter toys in Category BB, or entering the members name or id will filter all the toys that need to be checked by member.

  • Select All - ticks all the toys in the list
  • Check Selected Toys - sets all checked toys to Checked
  • Reset - refreshes the page
  • Clear Toy - removes the toy details from the top pane

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