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Toy Status

The Toy Status is set to move the toys from select boxes and the main search form. The toys that are locked or withdrawn cannot be loaned and do not appear in lists. It is like they have been deleted but can be unlocked through the Withdrawn/locked page.

Locked and Withdrawn Toys

Main Menu - Toys - Locked Toys

Locked and withdrawn toys can be accessed through the locked and withdrawn pages. To search for a locked toy, start typing the toy name or toy number in the Search Locked toys input box. Toys are locked if they need to be temporarily taken out of circulation, usually to be repaired.

There are 2 types of locking, stock take locking and toy locking. When a toy is locked for stock take, it is usually when the whole collection or a category is locked for stock take checked then unlocked. The original toy status remains the same during the stock take. If a toy is lost or broken, its toy status is changed from ACTIVE to WITHDRAWN or LOCKED.

To change the toy status to locked, go to the toy details, click View

Toys - search Toys

search then select a toy by clicking View. Edit the toy then change the status from ACTIVE to LOCKED

to move the toy from the locked toys list back into circulation,

Toys - Locked Toys View toy edit status

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