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Stock Take

To start stock take, Lock all toys, then after toys are checked they are put back into circulation. While the toy is locked for stock take, it is also locked for Loaning.

To Lock all Toys

Go to Toys - Stocktake

3 ways to unlock toys

scan toy barcode (or type the toy number in the toy number box and press enter)

Keyword Search for a toy then select the toy from the list of locked toys (left click on toy row) and press the Unlock button

select the toy by clicking on the row, this will display the toy details and click the Unlock button

When there are no toys left in the check toys list, then stock take is complete.

To stock take a single category, go to Check toys - lock all toys - enter password (mibase) and press enter and select the category to lock - Lock All Toys

As well as unlocking toys, this page can be used for editing toys and parts adding missing parts

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