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Stats and Graphs


multi_location = 'Yes' (for 2 or more branches)

location table = each location must be listed in this table, e.g. D = Drouin, W = Warragul

This is important, for your stats to work you need to make sure you are in the correct mode. If your Library has 2 or more locations, then you MUST use a different login indicating the location of each login. If your Library has a single branch then make sure the location in the users table is left blank.

To access the Stats and Graphs page go to Home - Stats and Graphs

This page summarizes each session by date and weekday. Shows the total Loans, Returns, # Members that visited the library in that session, new members and members that renewed in that session. Multi-location libraries will have 2 columns, single branches will have a single column.

To view a visual representation of this data summarized by weekday/session click on the blue View Graph button

To view trends of Monthly activity, go to Activity by month. (if this graph doesn't look quite right, please contact mibase, the data might need a bit of cleaning up)

A detailed view of the Session activity can be accessed by a single click anywhere in the row

The single click will navigate to the session detail page

To view the times the Library was busy during the session, i.e. peak session activity, click on the blue Activity by Session button. After navigating to this page, select the session date from the top date selector.

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