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Redeeming Gift Cards in Admin

To redeem the Gift, go to Members - Approve Gift Cards

Click Details button in the row of the gift card you are about to redeem

This page will give you the details of the redeemed voucher, check if the voucher has been paid and then click the green “Approve and Email Gift Card”.

Once redeemed an email will go out to the Purchaser of the gift card, with a reference number.

Email that goes to Purchaser

Click details in the Gift voucher list and a different screen will allow you to record the payment status, make sure you click the “Update Paid Status” before allocating this voucher to the recipient of the Gift voucher. This is optional, you can assume that any redeemed vouchers have been paid for.

If the recipient is NOT a member, make sure the member is added to the database FIRST and then the credit can be applied.

Balance applied to existing or new member.

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