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Toy Pictures

Video on uploading a picture for a toy

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Pictures Not updating.

After uploading a replacement picture it appears that the new picture has not replaced the old one. The upload process does delete the old picture before it uploads the new one. The old one appears on the page because your computer has a copy of the old picture stored on your computer - the cache of the browser. By default a browser stores images on the local computer to save time loading pictures.

For the new picture to show on the toy details page you need to clear the cache.

To clear the cache in Firefox Top menu – History – Clear Recent History.

Select Cache and press clear now.

To clear the cache in internet Explorer go to Tools – Delete Browsing History Select the first 2 options, Preserve Favorites and Temporary Internet file and press delete

Clearing Cache – Google Chrome

Select the menu from the top right hand side of the browser – see below

From this menu select – History – clear Browsing history

Check cache images and file and press clear browsing data.

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