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Setting up Online Paypal payments


mem_payments = Yes

paypal_email = email account used in paypal, leave blank if it is the same email as the toy library email address

New Zealand Toy Libraries only (for paypal payments in New Zealand Dollars)

timezone = Pacific/Auckland

Website Settings

go to - Home - Website

Add payment details here to go in [payment_info] bookmark, and member payments page.

For Paypal to work you need to setup a paypal account for your Toy Library and to receive payments it needs to be a “business account”, to upgrade your paypal account to a business account please read

New Members Signup Form



After a member signs up, a confirmation email is sent, to add the payment details insert the [payment_info] bookmark.

Once setup a paypal button will appear in the the payments page for a new member, see below (green highlight = [payment_info])

Member Renewals In Member Login

Adds a payments tab in member login for member renewals, for members to pay their membership fees after logging in.

Public Payments Page

This page can be incorporated into your website, or used as a standalone to accept payments for reservations, holds, membership fees, members don't need to login to use this page.

URL: https://[library_code]

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