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Online Hire - Party Packs

Setting up your Settings, Toys and Member Categories for Online Hire.


Go to Home - Global Settings and change the following

online_hire = Yes

hire_everyday = Yes/No

Member Categories

Member Categories need to be flagged to be included in the Party Pack Hire process, see image below. Most Toy Libraries set up a new member category just for Party Pack Hire/ Jumping Castle Hire. This Member Category is usually set to a shorter expiry period, e.g. 3 weeks, or 3 month membership.

To set the JC flags go to Members - Select Boxes - Member Categories and change the below setting to YES


For each Toy that needs to be included in the Party Pack Hire process, set the Loan Type to JC and Reservation Toy = Yes. Go to the Toy Details page and edit toy, select JC for loan type and reservation Toy = Yes.

If you don't have a Loan Type = JC, then create it.

Go to Toys - Select Boxes - Loan Types - New and create a loan type JC ( make sure the code is uppercase JC)

Setting up your Templates

The hire process requires the setup of 2 templates

To Edit Templates go to Home - Templates

approve_jc - email that goes out to member and admin, acknowledging the new application

accept_jc - after admin has checked dates and approves the new member this email is send on approval

Booking Notes - to appear at the bottom of the signup form.

To add instructions to the signup form, go to Home - Website - Bouncy Castle terms and Conditions (scroll down)

You are now ready to Hire out your Party Pack or Jumping Castle.

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