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How to place a Reservation for the Party Packs using Online Hire.

To Reserve a Party Pack toy, go to the Mibase/Toy Library website and click the Toy Hire button from the Main Menu

click on the Green button or the Toy Row, to go to the Toy Details page and click the red Hire Toy button

Select the dates from the pull down calendar (click on the input box with the words Select Reservation Dates). Dates shaded in yellow are current reservations and cannot be selected, make sure you select the weekdays when the toy library is open, e.g. Saturday, Thursday…

To select the Hire period, click once on the start date then click a second time on the End Date then press the green Apply button to save.

Fill out the rest of the form, make sure all the fields are entered and press the big green Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Check your email and you should receive a confirmation email, letting you know your application has been received, and later an email to say your application has been approved.

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