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Bulk EMail - version 2

This function is available via the version 2 menu. To access the version 2 menu click New Loans

NOTE: If you are still using Version 1, then it will be less confusing to open this page in a new tab in your browser.

Sending Bulk Emails

From the Version 2 Menu bar, select Members to go to the Members Search page. On the right hand side of the page, click on the grey Email button (next to print button) to show the bulk emailing options

  1. select the members to email, or press the yellow “Select All” button to select all your members
  2. Select the Email Template, to fill in the Subject and Email message
  3. click the blue Send Email button

The message preview will popup, review and press the blue Send Email button at the bottom of the form

IMPORTANT: do not close this window, it will close automatically when the email has been sent successfully.

Attaching Files to Email

Select Browse button, just under the subject of the email

Browse to the file on your computer, and select open

If attached correctly you should see the filename next to the grey browse button

There is only 1 attachment allowed in this version, if more files are required then please Upload the files to the mibase server and provide links to these files. It is best practice not to send too many attachments to members to download, emails send faster and members can choose to download as required. Instructions on how to include files in your email click here.


Current bookmarks for the body of the email: (more to come - work in progress)


[address] - address of member



[longname] firstname and surname of both contacts

[expired] - membership expired

[missing] - missing pieces

[toylist] - list of toys on loan

[toylist_elwood] - different format toys on loan

[toylist-pic] - list of toys on loan with picture

[toy_holds] - list of toys that are on hold by member with picture

[toylist_nodue] - list of toys on loan without due date

[maxtoys] - max number of toys allowed to loan

[fullname] - firstname and surname e.g. Michelle Jones




[appointment] - filter appointment only

[expired] - date expired

[missing] - missing pieces (missing filter only)

[max_toys] - limit to number of toys on loan

Bookmarks for the Subject of the email:

[libraryname] - Change in settings

[rosterlist] - list of future roster duties

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