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Attributes allow for more refined categorization of toys, they are used to provide a one to many relationship between toys and keywords (e.g. a toy may belong to attributes numeracy, fine motor and puzzles). They can be used to automatically add images to labels, for example the bag label below shows sensory icons with Use my hands (HAN), Calm Down (CAL) Sensory Friendly (SF), Explore My World (EXP)

They allow for admin/volunteer and member users to search on these refined categories, the toy search page shows the code of the attribute to save space (allow for small screen viewing)

Setup Instructions

Define and add your Toy Attributes

go to Toys - Select Boxes - Attributes - New

Assign a code (max 3 characters) and a description and press save button

Go to the Toy detail page

select the attribute from the attribute select box (e.g. Numeracy) and press the Add Attribute button, there is no limit to the number of attributes added to a selected toy.

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